Police warn bridge users to reduce speed

Posted on Monday 14th December 2009 at 7:54 pm by SH (Editor)

Police are warning those that travel across the old Severn Bridge to reduce their speed, especially as the winds are picking up this winter.

CI Polly King said: “We are particularly concerned for the pedestrians and cyclists that use the track that runs alongside the main carriageway.

“Motorcycles under 125cc are also allowed to use this track, but a number of riders are considerably exceeding the 15 mph speed limit, which is incredibly dangerous for the cyclists and pedestrians sharing the same lane.

“We all know speeding kills, and combined with bad weather and darkness setting in early, it’s essential to drive with care. There are also a number of cyclists who are traveling at excessive speeds.

“Increasingly we have seen larger motorbikes also using the lane. There is a misconception that using this lane allows bikers to miss the toll booths, but all bikes are exempt from paying the toll, so I would remind motorcyclists to stick to the main carriageway.”

Adrian Burt from Severn River Crossing Plc added: “We work closely with local police to reduce speeding on the bridge, as the safety of road users, maintenance workers and toll staff is paramount.”

Source: Avon and Somerset Police


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