Police recover stolen quad bikes (Winterbourne)

South Gloucestershire police have recovered two quad bikes and a go-kart stolen from an outdoor activity centre in Winterbourne.

The theft happened overnight Monday January 18 to Tuesday January 19 2010.

Thieves are believed to have broken into a metal shipping container used for storage to get an angle grinder which they then used to break into the container used to store the vehicles.

They took five blue Yakuza ATV-50 quad bikes, three Stratos 200cc karts, diesel and tools.

Officers recovered two of the quad bikes and one go-kart along with a suspected stolen vehicle at about 9.30pm yesterday, Sunday February 21 2010 from a residential property in Winterbourne after reports of a vehicle being dismantled at the location.

No one has been arrested in connection with the incident and police enquiries continue.

Anyone with any information which could help the investigation can call Filton Police Station on 0845 456 7000. Alternatively call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Source: Avon and Somerset Police

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