Council promotes Noise Action Week

Posted on Monday 26th April 2010 at 7:28 am by SH (Editor)

South Gloucestershire Council

To coincide with Noise Action Week, South Gloucestershire Council is encouraging the district’s licensed premises to be good neighbours and have a successful and noise free football World Cup.

During Noise Action Week, which runs from 26 to 30 April, council officers will be visiting licensed premises to offer information and advice about how to avoid noise problems during World Cup games and events. In addition, the council has also produced a handy and informative factsheet containing tips on how to run a successful event, whilst minimising noise and inconvenience to local residents.

Shaun Fudge, senior environmental health officer, said: “The World Cup will see many premises running special events and showing games on big screens, often to packed houses. As many of the matches will continue until 10.30pm, even later with the inevitable penalty shootout, there is the possibility that noise and disturbance may cause problems for local residents. This is especially likely near closing time when patrons are leaving licensed premises – that’s why we are taking a proactive approach by engaging with licensees early in order to minimise noise problems during the World Cup.”

In order to minimise problems and complaints, the council will be writing to all licensed premised within South Gloucestershire to remind licensees of their responsibility to avoid noise complaints and to respect their neighbours.

Tips for a successful event include:

  • Avoiding the use of outside areas and keeping doors and windows closed during the match
  • Try to locate big screens away from windows and doors that face residential properties
  • Keeping the volume of televisions to a level that is not audible in neighbouring properties
  • Put up ‘Please leave quietly’ signs on all exits
  • Advise neighbours of planned events and give them a contact number

Source: South Gloucestershire Council


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