SouthGlos Youth Parliament manifesto launched

South Gloucestershire members of the UK Youth Parliament

The UK Youth Parliament Manifesto for South Gloucestershire has been formally launched by the two members representing South Gloucestershire and their deputies.

Members of the Youth Parliament (MYPs) George Tanner and Georgie Evans, along with Deputy Members (DMYPs) Dominic Foale and Alex Brown, are already working hard to fulfil their promises which saw them voted in earlier this year.

Aged between 14 and 15 years, all four representatives were voted in by young people across secondary schools, youth centres and youth projects across South Gloucestershire.

MYP George Tanner said: “I’m developing a campaign called ‘Don’t delete’ to remind young people to not delete evidence of cyber bullying, and to raise awareness of the issue with young people and adults.”

This year also sees a big change to the length of time young people serve for in South Gloucestershire. Previously it was one year, but from this year onwards, D/MYP’s will hold their seats for two years, which gives them more time to work on bigger and more challenging pieces of work which will benefit young people across the area.

Cllr Sheila Cook, executive member for children and young people, said: “I congratulate South Gloucestershire’s representatives to the UKYP on putting together their exciting manifesto and wish them well in working hard for their constituents over the coming years.”

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