Smaller cooling towers are “a step in the right direction”

Posted on Wednesday 15th September 2010 at 11:15 pm by SH (Editor)

The Conservatives

An announcement by the company behind a new Oldbury nuclear power station to reduce the proposed size of the cooling towers is a ‘step in the right direction’ according to the area’s local councillor.

Horizon Nuclear Power – the joint venture company behind plans for a new nuclear power station at Oldbury – has announced that smaller 70m ‘hybrid’ cooling towers are its preferred system.

There had been concerns locally that 200m ‘natural draft’ versions were being planned.

Matthew Riddle, South Gloucestershire councillor for the Severn ward, which covers Oldbury, said:

“The issue of the size of the cooling towers, and the potential for them to be as high as 200m, has been one of the main concerns about a new Oldbury nuclear power station and is something I have raised repeatedly with Horizon.

The prospect of 200m cooling towers has helped turn a lot of local people who are pro-nuclear against a new nuclear power station at Oldbury.

It is encouraging, therefore, that Horizon appears to be taking these concerns on board and stating that they are likely to use a smaller hybrid tower system.

These 70m hybrid cooling towers are hardly inconspicuous and we will still need to consider their impact when we see Horizon’s firm proposals, but they are a whole 130m shorter than the natural draft alternatives and so, in terms of visual impact, this is a step in the right direction.

Concerns still remain, including around flooding, drainage and transport which need addressing as we go forward.”

Source: Conservtaive Group on South Gloucestershire Council


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