Council distributes containers for new recycling services

South Gloucestershire Council

Preparations for the introduction of new kerbside recycling services in South Gloucestershire are now well underway and residents can look forward to being able to recycle plastic bottles and food waste from the week beginning Monday 22nd November.

Container packs for the new recycling services are being delivered by South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) to residents from Monday 25th October.  These packs will include a food waste bin, a small food waste kitchen caddy, a bag for plastic bottles and a comprehensive information pack.

Cllr Heather Goddard, executive member for community services, said: “With diminishing landfill space and increasing landfill tax, it is more important than ever to reduce our waste and increase our recycling rate. These new services will allow residents to recycle more, helping to divert more rubbish from landfill and saving money and energy whilst benefiting the environment.”

Cllr Goddard added: “Importantly, the expansion of recycling services is being funded from within the council’s existing waste management budget and is yet more evidence of our ongoing determination to achieve better value for money for council taxpayers and create a greener district.”

The council’s recycling and resource management contractor, SITA UK, has already adjusted some of its collection rounds to ensure workloads will be balanced and that residents continue to get collections on their current day each week.

Residents are asked to accept the package and keep the containers and the bag ready for when the new collections are introduced. The council also asks that residents do not stockpile plastic bottles in the meantime as the volume presented for collection would then be unmanageable in those first weeks. Plastic bottle banks within the district will remain in place until at least the New Year.

From week beginning Monday 25th October 2010, each household will receive:

  • A large grey 25 litre food waste bin with a green lockable lid
  • A smaller grey five litre kitchen caddy
  • A white 60 litre bag for plastic bottles
  • A collections calendar for 2010/11
  • A sticker to attach to the green bin as a reminder not to put cardboard in it

The new service will operate on a two-week cycle. One week residents will put out their:

  • Black bin
  • Food waste bin
  • Plastic bottle bag

And the following week:

  • Green bin (for garden waste ONLY)
  • Food waste bin
  • Cardboard (this no longer goes in the green bin; cardboard can be collected in the largest cardboard box, or flattened and placed under the food waste bin)
  • Green box (glass bottles and jars, tins etc)
  • Green bag (paper)

The council says it has been in ongoing discussions with some local stores to stock compostable bin liners for the food caddies.

You can check the date of your next black bin collection on the Local Connections page of the SGC website.

Source: South Gloucestershire Council

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