Relief as Kingswood play park scheme escapes cuts

Posted on Saturday 6th November 2010 at 12:13 am by SH (Editor)

Community leaders in Kingswood have expressed relief that planned enhancements to play equipment for local open spaces will still be going ahead despite government cuts.

South Gloucestershire Council had been forced to put its plans for the Woodstock Open Space between Somerton Close, Glanville Gardens and Wedmore Close on hold earlier this year after the new Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government announced that it was reconsidering spending commitments promised by the previous Labour government.

Amongst the promises being reconsidered were Playbuilder grants to councils to help them provide enhanced play facilities for 8 to 13-year-olds.

Although a decision was expected at the end of August, the Council has only recently been told that it has escaped the government’s cuts to Playbuilder grants.

School governor for Beacon Rise Primary School, Gareth Manson who also works with sick children said:

“I am relieved to hear that the local council will still be getting the money it was promised by the Labour government – unlike many councils across the country. Kingswood is in desperate need of improved facilities for our young people so I now hope the council will get on with the works.”

Local councillors for the area Andy Perkins, Pat Rooney and Roger Coales (Labour, Woodstock) added:

“The first tranche of Playbuilder money was received earlier this year but since then things have been in a state of limbo. Sadly the summer has been and gone when the new equipment could have been installed and used.”

The Playbuilder funds were designed to allow Councils to develop play spaces for children and young people aged 8 to 13. South Gloucestershire Council’s first tranche of Playbuilder money was received before the General Election and is being spent on a number of schemes such as at Court Road in Kingswood.

Source: Woodstock Labour Councillors


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