Kingsfield School to consult on academy plans

Discussions are currently taking place between the Cabot Learning Federation, South Gloucestershire Council and Governors at Kingsfield School about the school becoming part of the Cabot Learning Federation of Academies in September.

Kingsfield School, based in Kingswood, could be the fifth school to join the federation which already includes John Cabot Academy, Bristol Brunel Academy and Bristol Metropolitan Academy, with Wyvern School in Weston-Super-Mare expected to join in May as the new Hans Price Academy. The Cabot Learning Federation has an excellent record of improving standards of achievement.

Kingsfield School is making satisfactory progress since Ofsted inspectors gave it notice to improve at its last inspection. South Gloucestershire Council and the Cabot Learning Federation have been working together over the past year to support the staff and Governors at the school. At the same time the Governors have been considering the long-term future of the school and they have approached the Cabot Learning Federation about the possibility of Kingsfield School becoming an academy in September. Both the council and the federation are now exploring this possibility with the Department for Education (DfE).

The next stage in the process is to undertake consultation with staff, parents, students and the wider community and to seek approval from the Secretary of State for Education. If the proposal gets the go-ahead then the change will take place in September.

David Carter, Executive Principal, Cabot Learning Federation, said: “The decision to submit an expression of interest to the DfE to explore the possibility of Kingsfield School joining the Cabot Learning Federation is exciting. We have been working with the school since last April and have enjoyed the relationship that has grown. If we can offer students the same chance of success as we have been able to provide in our other Academies, then this will be an excellent move for all concerned.”

Cllr Sheila Cook, executive member for children and young people, said: “We are very pleased to be working with the Cabot Learning Federation and Kingsfield School to explore this exciting opportunity to transform secondary school provision in this part of Kingswood which will give students every opportunity to further improve on exam results – something which is a key priority for the council.”

Diane Owen, Chair of Governors at Kingsfield School, added: “The Governors at Kingsfield have been determined to secure a stable future for the school as well as ensuring that the school is able to offer high quality educational opportunities to the local community. After careful consideration of the options, Governors are unanimous in their view that these goals can be achieved through joining the Cabot Learning Federation.”

Source: South Gloucestershire Council

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