South Glos Liberal Democrats launch election manifesto

Posted on Sunday 27th March 2011 at 10:57 pm by SH (Editor)

Launch of the South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats' 2011 Manifesto

South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats fired the opening shots in the 2011 Local Election campaign when they launched their ‘Action for our Area’ manifesto in Bradley Stoke last weekend.

Local MPs Steve Webb and Don Foster joined local candidates and activists to promote the document that promises to “create a Council that works for you … not for the Government”.

Voters will go to the the polls on Thursday 5th May to elect representatives to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) and Parish/Town Councils.

SGC has been controlled since May 2007 by a minority Conservative administration. In looking to regain overall control of SGC, the Lib Dems say in their manifesto:

“When we ran South Gloucestershire – and when no party had complete control – things were better. Residents had a real say in things. Now, the local Conservatives are simply doing what they want, irrespective of whether you want it.”

“If you give us power in 2011 we will work with you to help you create the sort of green, clean, fair and safe communities you have told us you want to live in, with a Council that listens to you and gives you real power over your own lives and communities.”

The manifesto highlights six key things that the party will endeavour to fix, under the headings:

  • Green (e.g. sort out the current recycling shambles)
  • Clean (e.g. Wage war on litter)
  • Fair (e.g. Campaign for fairer taxes)
  • Secure (e.g. Cut crime by tackling drug and alcohol abuse)
  • Open & Approachable (e.g. Listen to you, not only by asking your views but acting on what you say)
  • Giving you Power: (e.g. Transfer power to Parish Councils and community groups)

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