Kendleshire traffic calming scheme to be completed

Quiet Lanes Scheme in Kendleshire, South Gloucestershire

Kendleshire residents are celebrating the news that the next stage of their ‘Quiet Lanes Scheme’ has finally been given the go ahead.

In earlier phases, gateway treatments were installed at key entrances to the scheme, warning drivers that they were entering an area of narrow country lanes that they would be sharing with walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The only major entrance left without one was the Kendleshire crossroads, where Ruffet Road meets the busy A432 Badminton Road.

That will now be remedied as funding has been found for the new gateway. On Thursday, residents, officers, a Westerleigh Parish Councillor and local ward Councillor Claire Young met to discuss ideas, including the possibility of closing the slip road and remodelling the junction. Stone or wooden pillars could be built either side of the road, with a cobble “cattle grid” effect between them to encourage drivers to slow down.

Bob Ross, the local resident who first proposed the scheme in the late 90s, said, “I am delighted that this pioneering scheme, which remains far from complete, has not been forgotten by South Glos Council. It has already done much to preserve the rural nature of these lanes in the face of rapid development in the area, and to enhance safety for those who continue to use the lanes for recreation. I hope that several similar areas in South Gloucestershire will benefit from the lessons learned during the implementation of this scheme.”

Cllr Claire Young (Lib Dem, Westerleigh) said, “Since the second phase of the scheme was completed in 2008, the gateway for Ruffet Road has been repeatedly delayed. It makes no sense to start new Quiet Lanes Schemes in the area while this flag ship scheme remains unfinished. I hope the Council will look at further phases of the scheme that also won the backing of residents in the 2006 consultation.”

Photo: Cllr Claire Young and local resident Bob Ross examine plans for the Quiet Lanes Scheme in Kendleshire.

Source: South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats

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