Campaign to save Filton Airfield gathers pace

Posted on Thursday 13th October 2011 at 10:48 am by SH (Editor)

Save Filton Airfield Campaign Group

Following the recent call from Bristol City Council condemning house building on Filton Airfield, local councils are also making their voices heard and calling for Filton Airfield to remain as a working aerodrome.

South Gloucestershire Council will debate a save Filton Airfield motion on Wednesday 19th October whilst councillors on Filton Town Council, Bradley Stoke Town Council and Oldland Parish Council have all voted to save the airfield. The group that is campaigning to save the Airfield understands a number of other councils have a Filton Airfield debate on their forthcoming agendas.

“This is a significant boost to the campaign, and shows the strength of local opposition to the asset stripping proposed by BAE Systems”,

said Bert Hindle, a key campaigner in the Save Filton Airfield (SFA) Campaign. He went onto add:

“Local Councillors realise that a key strategic decision which has serious implications for future employment in the area cannot be rushed through in just 3 to 6 months.”

The SFA Group has stated previously that BAE Systems, a global defence company which has closed a number of its aerodromes, has been running down Filton Airfield for a number of years with a view to selling the airfield for housing. BAE Systems stated that it could make as much as £300m from the sale.

Martin Farmer who is also part of the SFA Campaign Group and is a councillor for Cadbury Heath on Oldland Parish Council said:

“Councillors in the area understand that developing the airfield as a working aerodrome will have a positive economic impact not just on the communities of Filton and Patchway, but across the whole of Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Just as closing it will have a devastating effect on the area.”

“On Oldland Parish, Councillors from all sides, some of whom are also South Glos Councillors, voted unanimously for the airfield to be saved.”

“They recognise that during these austere times we should be utilising an asset such as Filton, not taking the easy option by making it a sprawling housing estate.”

South Gloucestershire Council has now started its public consultation with exhibitions taking place at Cribbs Causeway Business Centre, Hollywood Lane (3rd October, 3pm to 7:30pm) Patchway Locality Hub, Rodway Road (11th October, 3pm to 7:30pm), BAWA, Southmead Road, Filton (17th October, 3pm to 7:30pm). Submissions can also be made to South Gloucestershire via e-mail.

The Save Filton Airfield Campaign Group will hand deliver its submission to the South Gloucestershire offices on Monday 24th October and copies will be available to the media and the public on that day.

“We will include some visionary ideas about how the airfield can be utilised and employment created on the site”,

said Mr Hindle, adding:

“We’re very pleased that councillors in Bristol and South Gloucestershire are prepared to share in that vision.”

Source: Save Filton Airfield Campaign Group


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