[Forum] Closure of Filton Airfield is “unthinkable”

Dear Editor,

The closure of Filton Airfield is unthinkable, with its ease of access to the motorway network and direct rail-link, combined with the long runway.

Such a strategic location should be utilized to its maximum.

Air freight cargo is now transported to all destinations worldwide. With the increase in air freight services Filton could become a “Cargo Hub”.

Major firms like FedEx,UPS & DHL should be encouraged to set up bases there. to cover the West and South Wales.

With the opening of the Deep Sea Terminal at Avonmouth, Bristol could become a “Super Hub”for cargo handling by road, rail, sea or air with an international reputation.

Lets look to the future.

Yours faithfully,

David Jones

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  1. please not buld on the aifeild at filton the site can be used at weekend and make more money steam rall car rally plane let show the world what the uk build

  2. Add to the list that there are several supermarket and post distribution depots for the SW within a short distance, and the rail link is not only “direct” but at ground level (the country’s only aircraft/rail level crossing I believe), is underused, and is right next to a rail junction allowing branching into the 4 cardinal directions.

    It also has some of the biggest hangars in the country making an ideal maintenance site bringing in a lot of high skilled high value jobs. At least one company (Virgin Atlantic) has already attempted to lease the hangars for exactly this reason but were offered only a 2 year lease: not enough to even finish setting up the equipment!

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