Time for 20mph in South Glos, say Greens

The Green Party

The Green Party in South Gloucestershire is urging the council to bring in area-wide 20mph zones, following the commitment of Bristol and Bath councils to do the same.

It has been shown that such area-wide schemes are extremely beneficial, and improve the quality of life of all residents.

Green Party transport spokesman Richard Burton said:

“20mph zones reduce pollution and congestion, encourage walking and cycling and improve safety for everyone. It works everywhere else, and it’s time the residents in South Gloucestershire had the benefits too.”

“There are some 20mph zones in South Gloucestershire, but they are very small and have little effect. Area-wide schemes have been shown to be much more effective. It would also be a cost saving measure, as the council wouldn’t need to install so many expensive and annoying traffic calming features, just to slow drivers down to a reasonable speed. Neither would the council need expensive special cycle routes if the roads were safer to cycle on.”

“In other places in the UK with area-wide schemes, walking and cycling have increased, and deaths and injuries have fallen, and it’s time for South Gloucestershire to start following their own declared transport policies and put pedestrians and cyclists first.”

“Come on South Gloucestershire, stop the pointless road building and get with the twenty-first century!”

Source: South Gloucestershire Green Party

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  1. Waste of time and public money as the police have no powers to enforce a 20mph zone. And anyway, you’d need the help of an archeologist to find out the last time the police made a priority of enforcing any traffic laws.

  2. Richard has been in touch again to let us know about an ePetition he has started:

    “The success of 20mph zones in improving life for everyone is well known and the decisions by both Bristol and Bath councils to introduce them throughout their residential areas reflects that success.”

    “The Green Party recognises their benefits; improved safety, reduced pollution and congestion, more walking and cycling and a better quality of life for residents. Our own policies support their introduction, and the benefits derived are all exactly as stated in the policies of the local councils in the Local Transport Plan, which covers the South Gloucestershire Council area.”

    “South Gloucestershire has a handful of small 20mph zones, and is to be congratulated for trying them out, but the time has now come to move on, and to provide the benefits to all of their residents. The council is currently engaged in a number of traffic calming schemes e.g. Shellmor Avenue, which would not be necessary if all residential roads had a 20mph limit, and the evidence is that such limits have much greater popular support than most traffic calming schemes.”

    “The South Gloucestershire Green Party therefore calls on the council to commit to these zones on all residential roads as soon as possible.”

    Anyone who supports this can sign the petition at:


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