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Green bin charge set to be reduced from April

Posted on Tuesday 22nd December 2015 at 9:27 pm by SH (Editor)

A South Gloucestershire Council 'green bin'.

The omission of the garden waste collection service from a strategic review of South Gloucestershire Council’s waste services (see ‘Council consults on plan to almost halve size of black bin‘) has sparked a political row, with Liberal Democrats accusing the Conservatives of failing to live up to a promise made in their 2015 election manifesto that the opt-in charge for emptying green bins, introduced in 2014, would be axed.

Speaking after a meeting of SGC’s Communities Committee on 4th November, Cllr Claire Young (LibDem, Westerleigh) said: “The waste consultation agreed today was their big chance to meet their manifesto promise. We all know that it would be wrong to promise something you can’t deliver – so my residents are waiting for their free green bins.”

“We were shocked when they voted against even including consulting with the public on this. It shows that they never had any intention of meeting their manifesto promise. They were elected on a false promise, and they have to apologise to residents now.”

She added, “Their attempts to kick this into the long grass by claiming removing the charge was not a change of service were laughable. They’ve nowhere left to hide – they lied.”

Cllr Heather Goddard (Con, Hanham), Chair of the Communities Committee, defended the decision, saying: “The Waste Strategy has been in production since before the election. The whole council had previously, on a cross-party basis, signed up to this strategy and the proposals within it as to where savings in the waste budget might be found.”

“Consequently, given that we are aware of Liberal Democrat and Labour opposition to our position of removing the green bin charge, it made sense to separate the issues which have already been agreed to and consider green bins as a separate issue.”

“In our manifesto, we stated that we wanted to remove the ‘tax’ in a financially responsible manner and our pledge was to phase it out.”

“This is a budgetary issue, and, as such, the budget-setting process is the appropriate point to implement our pledge. We are currently preparing plans to introduce our first cut to the charge for the upcoming 2016/17 budget.”

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New waste collection days for South Glos

Posted on Thursday 22nd May 2014 at 5:49 pm by SH (Editor)

A South Gloucestershire Council 'green bin'.

Households in South Gloucestershire are being urged to get set for new waste collection days being introduced from Monday 2nd June.

Calendar ‘hangers’ with details of the new dates will be placed on black bins between 12th and 23rd May.

The changes will see a new fortnightly schedule introduced for all households, with black and green bins collected in one week and the green recycling box collected in the other.

Plastics and cardboard will also be collected on alternate weeks, while food waste will continue to be collected weekly.

All waste and recycling will need to be put out by 7am to ensure collection.

The changes are the first revisions to the district’s waste collection dates since 2010 and will help to accommodate the new recycling services — including mixed plastics, Tetrapak cartons and small electrical items – which were introduced on 31st March.

Any residents who have not received a bin hanger by Monday 26th May should contact the council on or by telephoning 01454 868 000.

With news of the changes coming just two months after the council introduced an opt-in £36 p.a. charge for emptying the green bin, local Conservative councillors have questioned the wisdom of the move. Cllr Ian Adams (Siston and Warmley), Conservative Lead on the authority’s Communities Committee, said:

“This announcement will come as real shock to South Gloucestershire households.”

“When so many residents have seen their green bins go uncollected despite paying the council’s controversial “bin tax”, people will understandably have major concerns over the ability of both the council and its waste contractor Sita to manage such a massive change in the waste collection service.”

“There’s a real fear that changing collection dates so suddenly will lead to yet more bin chaos.”

Residents can check the date of their next collection online at


South Glos residents urged to consider options for garden waste disposal

Posted on Thursday 20th February 2014 at 3:31 pm by SH (Editor)

A South Gloucestershire Council 'green bin'.

South Gloucestershire residents are being encouraged to consider their options for garden waste disposal ahead of service changes being introduced this spring.

From 31st March, South Gloucestershire Council’s green bin service moves to a subscription-only basis and residents who wish to continue to receive the service after this date can subscribe now via the council’s website.

The optional service costs £36 per year and includes fortnightly collections.

Residents who do not wish to subscribe to the service have a number of other options to dispose of their garden waste.

These include the free and environmentally-friendly option of composting, which ensures that garden waste and uncooked kitchen waste can be returned to the garden as a free soil improver.

Residents can order home compost bins at competitive rates from the council’s partner and as part of the drive to increase composting, residents moving into new-build homes in the district will also be offered a voucher for a new free home compost bin from April 2014.

For residents who require only occasional garden waste collection, ad hoc waste collection sacks will be available from 14th March from council libraries and County Stores, High Street, Marshfield. Sacks cost £2 each and users can book a collection date via the council’s website.

Residents can also continue to dispose of garden waste free of charge at their local Sort It! centre. As part of the changes being introduced from the summer, Sort It! centres will have new traffic management measures as well as traffic cameras to allow residents to check how busy their local centre is before setting out.

The changes form part of the council’s revised waste strategy for 2013-19, which was approved by councillors in 2013 following consultation with residents.

The strategy will also see kerbside recycling extended to include mixed plastics, drinks cartons and small electrical items from 31st March.

South Gloucestershire already has one of the highest recycling rates of all unitary authorities and the changes aim to build on this success by extending the recycling service to include more types of waste.

They will also help the council to balance its income against the cost of delivering services at a time when all local authorities are receiving less money from government.

Further information on garden waste options, including online booking for the green waste service and ad hoc sack collection, are available on the council’s website at

Source: South Gloucestershire Council


Dog owners reminded to ‘Bag it and bin it’

Posted on Wednesday 29th January 2014 at 11:04 am by SH (Editor)

Dog mess: Bag it and bin it.

Dog owners in South Gloucestershire are being reminded to dispose of their dog’s waste responsibly as part of a new campaign launching this month.

The ‘Bag it and bin it’ message aims to remind dog owners that they can dispose of dog waste both in their black household waste bins as well as in any available litter bin – and that waste should never be left behind.

Chair of the council’s Communities Committee Cllr Claire Young said:

“Lots of our residents enjoy keeping a dog and most of them accept that responsible ownership includes the chore of cleaning up after them.”

“However we’ve all seen occasions when people either don’t clear up at all, or bag the waste but leave it hanging on a nearby fence or hedge.”

“As well as being unsightly this is a nuisance for other residents and can be a significant health hazard because dog waste can carry diseases including Toxocariasis, which can lead to serious illness, including blindness.”

“So this campaign aims to remind people that they must clear up after their dog, ideally by taking waste home for disposal in their black bin or by disposing of it in any nearby litter bin.”

As part of the campaign, ‘dual use’ plaques will soon be placed on South Gloucestershire litter bins to remind dog owners that all litter bins can be used for dog waste.

Changes to national legislation in recent years dispensed with the need to separate dog waste from other forms of waste. Some parishes within South Gloucestershire intend to continue providing dog waste bins, but others will be dispensing with dedicated bins altogether in coming months.

Posters have been placed in the district’s parks to highlight the message that litter bins and black bins can be used for dog waste.

Anybody walking a dog – whether it is theirs or not – is legally required to clean up after them and failure to do so can lead to a fixed penalty notice and possible prosecution.

Further information on dog waste disposal in South Gloucestershire is available from

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Source: South Gloucestershire Council