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Radio station encourages local groups to get involved

Posted on Saturday 9th July 2011 at 11:23 pm by SH (Editor)

Gloss FM - radio for the community

GLOSS FM is inviting local groups to come up with their own programme ideas for broadcast this autumn.

The community radio station will be on air for four weeks, from 31st October to 27th November, and is keen to get more people from its listening area involved in its programmes.

“There is so much of interest going on in South Gloucestershire and it would be marvellous if GLOSS FM could reflect that,”

said director David Wrench.

“We would like local groups and organisations to think about preparing programmes of their own, then to submit their proposals to . We can organise training if necessary.”

GLOSS FM broadcasts twice a year on the radio, in spring and autumn, with each broadcast lasting four weeks. It also puts out a year-round webcast which you can listen to while you surf the net – log on to to listen live, and to find out more information about the station.

At the moment internet broadcasts are largely music-orientated, with some presenters putting on live shows. Tuesday nights, for example, often feature Gary Price from 6pm, followed by Phil and Gav’s Party Anthems at 8pm.



SouthGlos schools to broadcast on Gloss FM

Posted on Monday 12th April 2010 at 7:28 am by SH (Editor)

Community radio station Gloss FM is reaching out to local schools thanks to a grant from South Gloucestershire Council.

The popular radio station, previously Thornbury FM, is widening its broadcast area across South Gloucestershire during April and schools across the district will be joining in when Gloss FM starts broadcasting on Monday 19 April.

Thanks to a grant of more than £2,300, Gloss FM will be helping to set up radio clubs in schools within the new, wider broadcast area. The grant was awarded from the council’s Revenue Grant programme which offers organisations and community groups the chance to bid for money for work within the local community.

The station will help schools to produce broadcast material about all aspects of school life and will help teachers in using radio as an educational tool. Pupils will benefit through increased media literacy as well as the excitement of hearing the material they have prepared broadcast across South Gloucestershire. After the April broadcast, programmes will continue to be produced for Gloss FM’s online station.


Source: South Gloucestershire Council


Thornbury FM expands broadcast area and re-brands

Posted on Monday 5th October 2009 at 10:00 pm by SH (Editor)

Thornbury FM

Echoing the metamorphosis earlier this year of GWR into Heart FM, it has been revealed that Thornbury FM, the highly successful community radio station based in Thornbury, has decided to re-brand itself.

The news comes hot on the heels of Thornbury FM’s announcement that it has expanded its coverage area to encompass most of the South Gloucestershire region. True to its community roots, Thornbury FM plans to involve listeners in suggesting new names through running an on-air competition.

David Primrose – Vicar of Thornbury and Chairman of Thornbury FM: “Our new extended coverage area means that we need to change to ensure we are relevant to our new listeners. We need to reach-out to more local organisations in the community, involve yet more budding local presenters, and appeal to people across the wider South Gloucestershire area. To do this effectively we think we need to find a new name that recognises that we now serve more than just Thornbury”

Glyn Roylance – Director and Station Engineer. “Since we started in 2005 we have always worked hard to invest wisely and uphold the highest technical standards. It was rewarding to have this recognised by Ofcom during a recent visit. This next step in our journey has been made possible by installing some extra equipment which permits us to move our transmitter to high ground near the A38. This means we will be heard from Bradley Stoke to Berkeley and Chipping Sodbury to Chepstow.

The station is also mulling a move to become a permanent radio station which broadcasts 365 days per year. There are expectations that the Government regulator Ofcom may invite applications for a permanent licence. In recent years Ofcom has granted over 200 such community radio licences, leading to a renaissance in true local radio whilst the commercial stations continue to merge into regional and semi-national stations.

Thornbury FM returns to the airwaves on 2 November on 87.7 FM. Meanwhile its webcast can be heard 365 days a year at