Tockington “track” gets resurfaced

The Conservatives

Local campaigner, Matthew Riddle, has welcomed the completion of resurfacing work on the main arterial road through the village of Tockington.

Lower Tockington Road was one the roads included in this year’s much larger road resurfacing programme after South Gloucestershire Council’s Conservative administration more than doubled the resurfacing budget from £1.5m to £3.5m.

Lower Tockington Road

The road’s poor state of repair had been the subject of a campaign by local Conservative councillor for the Severn Ward, Matthew Riddle, after residents branded it a ‘track’.

Commenting on the completion of the work, he said:

“I am pleased that the Tockington community is one of many more communities to see the benefit of the council’s much larger road resurfacing programme.

The new money committed this year for road resurfacing and gullies in now being spent I am very pleased that Lower Tockington Road in Tockington has recently been resurfaced form Tockinton Green down to the junction with Tockingon Lane.

I have been campaigning for this to be resurfaced for several years now and the completed work is good news for all road users.

The road surface was in poor state and there is only so much you can do to repair the potholes that appeared.

Since the work has been done I have received many comments not only about the high quality of the work but also the very efficient manner it was completed, with minimum disruption by the contractors and council officers.”

He added:

“Even before I was elected as a local councillor, I was shocked at how little successive council administrations had invested in maintaining our highway network.

Along with many other South Gloucestershire residents, I am delighted that this failed approach has been ditched by this council administration in favour if one that invests properly in maintaining our roads and pavements.”

Source: Conservative Group on South Gloucestershire Council

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