MP tables motion on the future of Filton’s Concorde

Local MP Jack Lopresti has re-ignited the campaign to see Concorde 216 returned to public display.

Mr Lopresti, the Conservative MP  for Filton and Bradley Stoke, has tabled an Early Day Motion calling for all interested parties to come together to find a solution to the issue.

The motion is worded as follows:

Public display of Concorde

“That this House recognizes the importance of aviation heritage; notes with concern that little progress has yet been made to find a permanent home to the Concorde 216, as well as being the last Concorde to be built at Filton, it was the last Concorde ever to fly; welcomes the involvement of local organizations and other interested parties in the desire to create a major aviation heritage centre to safe-guard this important part of Britain’s aviation history; and calls upon all interested parties to seek ways of finding the funding needed to ensure that this piece of local and national heritage will be returned to public display and appreciation.”

Mr Lopresti says he has also secured a meeting with the Tourism Minister, John Penrose MP, to discuss the matter.

In a press release put out yesterday (Thursday), Mr Lopresti writes:

“Now that Concorde Alpha Foxtrot has been removed from public display with no concrete undertaking from Airbus on when or indeed if ever, the aircraft will be available for the public to enjoy again, I am grateful to my fellow Parliamentarians that have supported this motion and for their understanding and recognition of the important part this aircraft has played in British Aviation history, not only being the last Concorde to be built and fly, it is the last complete aircraft to be manufactured in Filton.”

“In the year that we celebrate the centenary of aircraft production in Filton it is a supreme irony that this amazing part of our aviation could be kept from public view forever.”

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Source: Jack Lopresti MP

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