Council to begin collecting unwanted green bins

A South Gloucestershire Council 'green bin'.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has revealed that it is to start collecting “unwanted” green bins in a rolling programme that begins in December. The move follows the introduction of an opt-in annual charge for its bin-based garden waste collection service from 31st March 2014 and is aimed at households who have chosen not to pay.

An “ad hoc” collection service using paper sacks costing £2 each is provided as an alternative for residents who require only occasional garden waste collection.

Despite introducing the charge in March, the council previously said it would not be collecting unwanted green bins until “after October”, in order to allow residents time to decide if they wished to subscribe to the new chargeable service.

Residents of Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Frenchay, Stoke Park, Winterbourne, Frampton Cotterell, Yate, Dodington, Westerleigh and Chipping Sodbury will be the first to have their unwanted bins collected, in December. Green bins in all other areas will be scheduled for removal early in the New Year.

Details of the green bin removal day will be provided on a leaflet that will be delivered to households one week before the collection. Unwanted bins must be put out by 7am on the day specified in the leaflet and must be empty.

The council warns that it will not collect any bins that contain waste, including garden waste.

Residents who have chosen to use their green bin for another purpose may continue to do so, adds the council.

It is understood that the collected bins will be dismantled and the plastic and metal components recycled.

More information: Collection of unwanted green bins (SGC)

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  1. Those paper sacks are too small to be of much use. I don’t understand why, if they insist on charging us for green bin/bag collection, they don’t charge the £2 for people who only want intermittent collection of the green bin. That way, they will still get an income per collection and will not have all that surplus plastic from the green bins to get rid of. A bit more administration perhaps, but administration need to be done for the silly paper sacks, so why not do it with the bins instead.

  2. Not anymore they won’t they have it all on file the people that have paid and they mark the bins to let the bin collectors know which ones have paid

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