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Sparkling line-up for GLOSSFM Diamond Jubilee broadcast

Posted on Friday 18th May 2012 at 12:35 pm by SH (Editor)

Gloss FM - radio for the community.

Community radio GLOSSFM is back next month (June) for a special Diamond Jubilee broadcast.

Many of the station’s favourite presenters will be helping to mark 60 years of The Queen’s reign, with programmes starting on Saturday 2nd June and running for two weeks until 16th June.

Programme plans include a link-up with GLOSSFM presenter Nick Thornley, who will be in London for the celebrations. He and Daphne Ashton will also be presenting their popular show Down Your Way later in the week on Wednesday at midday.

And Steffi Barnett will be linking up with Aztec Starbucks on her Breakfast ‘n’ Brunch show on 4th & 5th June, and asking listeners to listen out for code words which will entitle them to a free ‘tall drink’.

To give the celebrations a local flavour, listeners are being invited to tell presenters about their jubilee celebrations – get in touch now at

“We came up with the concept of a ‘Diamond’ broadcast in order to reflect the celebration of The Queen’s jubilee across the towns and villages of South Gloucestershire, so we’d love to hear from everybody,” said director David Wrench.

GLOSSFM’s jubilee special will go out via the internet, but not on the FM airwaves. “Anyone can listen wherever they live, so it’s a great way for those who have moved away from South Gloucestershire to keep in touch with what’s going on,” said Mr Wrench.

You can listen via the ‘tunein app’ on smart phones, on Macs and PCs or by internet radio, in car through your phone via the USB connection, or in Minis and BMWs with ‘connect’. The station’s website is at

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Counting down to GLOSSFM broadcast

Posted on Thursday 20th October 2011 at 9:37 am by SH (Editor)

Gloss FM - radio for the community

The countdown has begun for GLOSSFM’s annual winter broadcast which begins on Monday 31st October and runs for four weeks.

“We’ve got a month of great programmes lined up and you can find details of all them all on,”

said programme scheduler Chris Mountain.

“We have tried to put like-minded programmes together so the listener knows what they are getting at a particular time. For example, Wednesday and Saturday are rock nights, Thursday evenings feature indie, alternative and acoustic, and Sunday is jazz and soul night. Also listen out for dance, club, oldies, reggae and Latin music.”

“During the daytime there will be plenty of opportunities for the listeners to get involved with discussion and interviews about local issues. We’ll also be putting the spotlight on local history and giving a full rundown of what’s on. And the element of humour is strong as always in our broadcasts.”

To listen, tune in on 87.7 FM, or log on to

If you’ve got a local event that you’d like to publicise on air, go to the GLOSSFM website, click on Get Involved, and leave the details under Contact Studio. If you’re interested in promoting your business or product, click on Advertising.

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GLOSSFM bids to go full-time

Posted on Monday 12th September 2011 at 10:16 am by SH (Editor)

Gloss FM - radio for the community

South Gloucestershire community radio station GLOSSFM is bidding to become a full-time radio broadcaster.

Its directors have applied to Ofcom for a licence go on air 365 days a year. They will find out whether they’ve been successful by the end of the year.

GLOSSFM currently puts out two radio broadcasts a year, in spring and winter, each lasting four weeks. Ofcom, which regulates the UK communications industry, was sufficiently impressed by the station to invite its directors to apply for a full-time licence earlier this year. A meeting of volunteers voted to go ahead and a working party was set up to write the submission.

GLOSSFM is one of several West Country stations bidding for a full-time licence, which would run for five years. The successful station will have up to two years to prepare for full-time operations.

A spokesman for the station told The Post:

“This is a very exciting time to be part of GLOSSFM.”

“It was very pleasing to be invited to apply for a full-time licence and if we get, it I’m sure we’ll be able to count on the help of lots of talented local people to make it a success.”


Source: Gloss FM


Radio station encourages local groups to get involved

Posted on Saturday 9th July 2011 at 11:23 pm by SH (Editor)

Gloss FM - radio for the community

GLOSS FM is inviting local groups to come up with their own programme ideas for broadcast this autumn.

The community radio station will be on air for four weeks, from 31st October to 27th November, and is keen to get more people from its listening area involved in its programmes.

“There is so much of interest going on in South Gloucestershire and it would be marvellous if GLOSS FM could reflect that,”

said director David Wrench.

“We would like local groups and organisations to think about preparing programmes of their own, then to submit their proposals to . We can organise training if necessary.”

GLOSS FM broadcasts twice a year on the radio, in spring and autumn, with each broadcast lasting four weeks. It also puts out a year-round webcast which you can listen to while you surf the net – log on to to listen live, and to find out more information about the station.

At the moment internet broadcasts are largely music-orientated, with some presenters putting on live shows. Tuesday nights, for example, often feature Gary Price from 6pm, followed by Phil and Gav’s Party Anthems at 8pm.