South Gloucestershire awarded Fairtrade status

Posted on Thursday 6th August 2009 at 12:19 pm by SH (Editor)

South Gloucestershire has earned the much coveted title of Fairtrade status which means it has made a commitment to supporting Fairtrade products and using products with the Fairtrade Mark.

South Gloucestershire Council has worked alongside community organisations, businesses, schools and individuals to pledge to do what they can to support Fairtrade and promote the Fairtrade Mark.

There have been a number of Fairtrade activities organised in the district over the past three years, and in 2006, the council passed a resolution to support and promote Fairtrade in the area.

Cllr Shirley Holloway, Chairman of South Gloucestershire Council, said: “This is a terrific achievement for everyone involved in getting the Fairtrade status for South Gloucestershire. There are strict goals set by Fairtrade to achieve this status and the efforts of everyone in South Gloucestershire have meant we have excelled in meeting these challenging goals.”

Activities by the local Fairtrade group have included surveys in shops, catering outlets, businesses, community centres, schools and churchesto find out where Fairtrade is being sold or used or promoted; the production of a directory listing all places where Fairtrade products can be bought; the development of a local Fairtrade website; displays about Fairtrade and community events such as a poster competition for schools.

Hannah Reed, Campaigns Manager of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “Our thanks and congratulations to South Gloucestershire on becoming a Fairtrade district and for the amazing amount of energy, commitment and creativity that has gone in to making Fairtrade a part of how the community shops, celebrates and does business.

“With two billion people in developing countries struggling to survive on less than $2 (dollars) a day and many more pushed into chronic hunger by rising food and fuel prices, Fairtrade is needed now more than ever. We look forward to seeing how the campaign develops as more people, schools, businesses and community organisations come together to bring about positive change by choosing Fairtrade.”

For more information on Fairtrade in South Gloucestershire, visit the council’s website at

Source: South Gloucestershire Council


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