Council claims Severn Bridge tolls for local community

South Gloucestershire councillors are asking the government to allow the local community to be compensated for hosting the two Severn bridges.

Liberal Democrat councillors say it’s only fair that the local residents should be compensated for enduring disruptions which continue long after the initial construction phase.

Cllr Tyzack (Pilning and Severn Beach) said: “I recognise the burden and disturbance borne by the community in hosting a national or regional infrastructure project. So I think it’s only right that the council requires packages of community benefits to be provided to offset and compensate the community for the having that infrastructure forced upon them.”

He continued: “I have seen reports that the Welsh Assembly wish to claim all the bridge tolls once the spending on the bridge has been paid off. I feel that as the bridges are actually both in England and the Second Severn Crossing main arch is technically all in the ward of Pilning and Severn Beach that the residents of South Gloucestershire Council have an equal claim to some of that funding.”

In a motion passed by a meeting of full council on Wednesday 15th December, Cllr Tyzack asked that the authority write to the government asking for a one per cent community compensation charge to be levied on the toll and paid to the council.

The Post understands that a one per cent levy would amount to about £750,000 per annum.

Source: Liberal Democrat Group on South Sloucestershire Council