South Glos to remain in Conservative minority administration

Following the results of local council elections on Thursday 5th May, South Gloucestershire Council will continue as a Conservative minority administration.

In a joint statement, the current leaders of the three parties – Cllr John Calway (Conservative), Cllr Ruth Davis (Liberal Democrat) and Cllr Roger Hutchinson (Labour) – said: “We look forward to continuing to serve the residents of South Gloucestershire to the best of our ability over the next four years.”

“The three parties are committed to maintaining the good working relationship which has played a key role in helping South Gloucestershire to become one of the best performing councils in the country, providing high-quality, value for money services to local residents.”

News from the political parties:

  • Cllr John Calway will continue as leader of the Conservative group, with Cllr Sheila Cook as deputy-leader.
  • Cllr Ruth Davis will continue as leader of the Liberal Democrat group, with Cllr Claire Young as deputy-leader.
  • The Labour group will confirm its leader and deputy-leader following a meeting next week.

The constitutional arrangements of the council will be formalised at the annual council meeting on Wednesday 25th May.

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