South Glos Labour Group unveils new leadership team

Posted on Monday 23rd May 2011 at 8:27 am by SH (Editor)

South Glos Labour Cllrs Andy Perkins and Pat Apps

Labour in South Gloucestershire has unveiled its new team of lead councillors, following an increase in numbers at this month’s elections.  Only one third of the 15-strong Labour Group were members of the last council, resulting in a lot of new faces in key roles.

The new Leader of the Labour Group is Councillor Andy Perkins, who has been Deputy Leader for the past two years.  Councillor Perkins has represented the Woodstock Ward in Kingswood for eight years and chaired the council’s Community Care and Housing Select Committee in the last council, leading the opposition to the Tory administration’s U-turn on providing in-house Elderly Persons Homes.

The new Deputy Leader is Councillor Pat Apps, elected this month for Kings Chase Ward, having previously served for Rodway.  Councillor Apps will also take on Councillor Perkins’ previous role of chairing the council’s Community Care and Housing Select Committee.

New Leader Councillor Perkins said:

“Labour Group increased its vote and councillor numbers at the election, so we face the future with renewed confidence.  We are committed to speaking up for public services in the face of a £9 million cut in grant by the Tory-led government and intend to play a big role in the council and our communities.”

Councillor Perkins paid tribute to his predecessor, Councillor Roger Hutchinson (Filton) saying that:

“Roger has led us through four difficult years in opposition and four years before that in a three-party administration. And recently, he has led us through a successful election where we won an extra six seats.”

Councillor Hutchinson has been asked to shadow the complex Planning, Transport and Strategic Environment (PTSE) portfolio.  He said:

“It has been a privilege to lead the Labour Group for eight interesting years, half the time as part of the administration and half in opposition.  I truly believe we punched above our weight throughout that time.  As the new lead member of planning and transport issues I have a lot of work to do as part of our larger team and I wish the new leadership team well.”

Source: Labour Group on South Gloucestershire Council


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