Kingswood councillors take to the streets

Woodstock Labour Councillors

Councillors in Kingswood have begun their annual programme of holding surgeries within every street of their ward.

Labour councillors representing the Woodstock ward of South Gloucestershire Council, Gareth Manson, Andy Perkins and Pat Rooney operate their ‘mobile surgeries’ each year in addition to their regular monthly surgeries which they hold in local schools.

A few days before the surgery, residents will get a leaflet through their door advertising the date and time when the councillors will be in their street. Residents are invited to stick the leaflet in their window so that the councillors will know to visit. Residents can also telephone or email their councillors to ask for a visit.

The councillors said:

“People like the idea of their councillors walking their streets rather than just holding traditional surgeries. We often stop for a quick chat with people even if they don’t have any immediate problems they want us to deal with.”

In addition to dealing with residents’ issues the councillors also use it as an opportunity to spot everyday issues like pot holes and litter so that they can report them to the Council.

The councillors expect to be able to cover the 4,600 properties spread across 125 streets over the next ten months and won’t be deterred by bad weather.

The councillors added:

“Even during the snows of last couple of winters we were out walking the streets in case people needed to see us.”

Source: Woodstock Labour Councillors

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