Garden waste collections to resume from Monday 27th April

Photo of a South Gloucestershire Council garden waste bin.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that it is to resume its ‘green bin’ garden waste collection service from Monday 27th April 2020.

The service has been temporarily suspended since late March in order to prioritise black bin waste and recycling collections from households – in response to the challenges posed by the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Anyone who had an active garden waste subscription on or after 23rd March 2020 will automatically receive a five-week extension to cover the collections that were missed during the suspension.

The council asks that residents are sensible about what they put in their green bin, particularly for the first collection following the temporary break in service. A council spokesperson said:

“Our crews may not be able to empty overweight bins. We understand you may have a backlog of garden waste, but do not try to squeeze everything into the bin to be collected in one go. If your bin is very full and heavy, please try to remove some of the contents before your collection so our crews can empty it safely.”

The spokesperson added:

“Reducing garden waste and composting where possible will help keep the service going in the current situation.”

If you already have bought a sack for garden waste, you will be able to book in a one-off collection from Monday 27th April. The sacks are not currently available for sale.

Recycling and food waste collections will continue to take place every two weeks on the same day as the black (and green) bin collections, until further notice.

Find your next collection date by entering your post code and house number at

Regarding late or missed collections, a council spokesperson said:

“Your waste and recycling collections may take place later in the day than normal as we will be working in the evenings as well as during the day.”

“If not collected by the day after the advertised date, you can report a missed waste or recycling collection at

For the latest updates on changes to council services as a result of Covid-19 (coronavirus), visit (N.B. This is a fast-evolving situation and information may be updated daily)

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  1. When are you going to be going back to weekly collections for recycling as my food bin is starting to smell and won’t hold fortnightly collection.
    Wasn’t that part of your reason for giving us smaller black bins was so that we recycled more and you picked it up every week??

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