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Oldbury nuclear firm completes transition to Hitachi

Posted on Monday 26th November 2012 at 8:17 am by SH (Editor)

Horizon Nuclear Power.

Horizon Nuclear Power, the developers of a proposed new nuclear power station at Oldbury, today welcomed completion of the company’s purchase by Hitachi Ltd of Japan, four weeks after agreement was reached with shareholders E.ON and RWE.

The company its assets and its staff have now been acquired by Hitachi as a going concern.

Horizon Chief Operating Officer Alan Raymant said:

“We’re delighted that the deal has completed. It secures the future of Horizon, and represents a huge economic opportunity for South Gloucestershire.”

“Our project at Oldbury will represent a multi-billion pound investment, with a peak of around 6,000 construction jobs and around 1000 during the operation of the station. Our investment in local skills and suppliers can also help ensure that the project leaves a lasting legacy for the region.”

“Hitachi has a world-class track record. Its Advanced Boiling Water Reactors have all been constructed to time and to budget. We plan replicate that success in the UK. Now the sale has completed we will focus on developing our programme and strategy.”

“Development of Oldbury will follow our lead site at Wylfa. We also expect our current preference for smaller ‘hybrid’ cooling towers will remain unchanged.”

Announcing the sale in October, Hitachi and Horizon set out their intention to make significant investment in training engineers, construction teams and operating staff for a new power station.

“We realise there will be a great deal of interest in our plans locally and we look forward to providing the community with further information as soon as possible.”

Source: Horizon Nuclear Power


Oldbury nuclear plans back on track following Hitachi takeover

Posted on Tuesday 30th October 2012 at 6:33 pm by SH (Editor)

Hitachi nuclear energy division.Plans for a new nuclear power at Oldbury-on-Severn are back on track after a Japanese firm stepped in to buy Horizon Nuclear Power, which had pulled out of the project earlier this year.

Hitachi announced today that it aims to acquire Horizon from joint owners RWE and E.ON for £696 million and take over the ongoing development of Horizon’s plans for new nuclear power in the UK.

The transaction is expected to complete by the end of November.

Horizon Chief Operating Officer Alan Raymant said:

“This is excellent news and marks the opening of an exciting new chapter for Horizon. Hitachi has a proven international track record in the construction and operation of nuclear power stations.”

“We’re very grateful to RWE npower and E.ON UK for the creation and development of Horizon to this point. We will now focus on fully remobilising the business, and working with our new owners to bring forward our plans as soon as possible.”

The Hitachi Horizon programme involves building two to three 1,300 MW plants at each of Horizon’s sites at Wylfa, Anglesey, and Oldbury-on-Severn, South Gloucestershire, with the first unit becoming operational in the first half of 2020s.

Hitachi is proposing to employ its Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) technology, which has already been licensed in other countries and is operational at four sites in Japan.

The company says it anticipates creating between 5,000 and 6,000 direct jobs at each site during the construction phase and a further 1,000 permanent jobs per site upon start of the operation of each site. It also estimates that 60% by value of each unit will be spent on locally sourced materials, personnel and services.


Horizon halts plan for new nuclear power station at Oldbury

Posted on Thursday 29th March 2012 at 10:26 am by SH (Editor)

Horizon Nuclear Power

Horizon Nuclear Power has announced that it has taken a decision not to proceed with developing new nuclear power stations in the UK, including the one planned for Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire.

Horizon, jointly owned by E.ON UK and RWE npower, says that raising finance for power projects has become difficult due to the global financial crisis.

RWE has also been hit by costs associated with decommissioning nuclear power plants in Germany.

The two German firms formed Horizon Nuclear Power, which is based in Gloucester, in 2009.

Horizon Chief Operating Officer Alan Raymant said:

“We are grateful for the support and backing of E.ON and RWE npower since the company was formed in 2009. This has enabled us to bring our projects forward to an advanced stage.”

“We are also very pleased to enjoy broad public and political support, in particular from the communities around our sites. This continues to make nuclear new build an attractive proposition in the UK.”

“We have made good progress in developing our sites, in particular our lead site at Wylfa, and a strong organisation capable of delivering nuclear new build in the UK.”

“We will now focus on consolidating the progress made and working with our shareholders as they investigate the opportunities for new ownership.”

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Smaller cooling towers are “a step in the right direction”

Posted on Wednesday 15th September 2010 at 11:15 pm by SH (Editor)

The Conservatives

An announcement by the company behind a new Oldbury nuclear power station to reduce the proposed size of the cooling towers is a ‘step in the right direction’ according to the area’s local councillor.

Horizon Nuclear Power – the joint venture company behind plans for a new nuclear power station at Oldbury – has announced that smaller 70m ‘hybrid’ cooling towers are its preferred system.

There had been concerns locally that 200m ‘natural draft’ versions were being planned.

Matthew Riddle, South Gloucestershire councillor for the Severn ward, which covers Oldbury, said:

“The issue of the size of the cooling towers, and the potential for them to be as high as 200m, has been one of the main concerns about a new Oldbury nuclear power station and is something I have raised repeatedly with Horizon.


Source: Conservtaive Group on South Gloucestershire Council