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Green bin charge set to be reduced from April

Posted on Tuesday 22nd December 2015 at 9:27 pm by SH (Editor)

A South Gloucestershire Council 'green bin'.

The omission of the garden waste collection service from a strategic review of South Gloucestershire Council’s waste services (see ‘Council consults on plan to almost halve size of black bin‘) has sparked a political row, with Liberal Democrats accusing the Conservatives of failing to live up to a promise made in their 2015 election manifesto that the opt-in charge for emptying green bins, introduced in 2014, would be axed.

Speaking after a meeting of SGC’s Communities Committee on 4th November, Cllr Claire Young (LibDem, Westerleigh) said: “The waste consultation agreed today was their big chance to meet their manifesto promise. We all know that it would be wrong to promise something you can’t deliver – so my residents are waiting for their free green bins.”

“We were shocked when they voted against even including consulting with the public on this. It shows that they never had any intention of meeting their manifesto promise. They were elected on a false promise, and they have to apologise to residents now.”

She added, “Their attempts to kick this into the long grass by claiming removing the charge was not a change of service were laughable. They’ve nowhere left to hide – they lied.”

Cllr Heather Goddard (Con, Hanham), Chair of the Communities Committee, defended the decision, saying: “The Waste Strategy has been in production since before the election. The whole council had previously, on a cross-party basis, signed up to this strategy and the proposals within it as to where savings in the waste budget might be found.”

“Consequently, given that we are aware of Liberal Democrat and Labour opposition to our position of removing the green bin charge, it made sense to separate the issues which have already been agreed to and consider green bins as a separate issue.”

“In our manifesto, we stated that we wanted to remove the ‘tax’ in a financially responsible manner and our pledge was to phase it out.”

“This is a budgetary issue, and, as such, the budget-setting process is the appropriate point to implement our pledge. We are currently preparing plans to introduce our first cut to the charge for the upcoming 2016/17 budget.”

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Changes to Sort It recycling centres in South Glos

Posted on Tuesday 15th September 2015 at 11:09 am by SH (Editor)

Little Stoke Sort It centre.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has announced changes to its Sort It recycling and waste disposal centres to help improve their efficiency and to deter non-residents and commercial users from using the sites.

From Thursday 1st October, the opening times for all of the Sort It centres will change to 8.30am to 4.30pm. These times will apply all year round (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) and mean that the Little Stoke (Stoke Gifford) site will once more be open on Wednesdays.

Other changes planned for 2016 include a residents’ vehicle registration scheme, where all residents will need to register their vehicle to access the sites, and an electronic van permit scheme for all vans. These measures will help to reduce the number of people from neighbouring council districts and commercial users from visiting the South Gloucestershire sites.

The existing automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system will be updated and used to implement the registration schemes. It will be easy to register online, over the phone or at the One Stop Shops. The council says it will let everyone know when they can start to register later this year.

Chair of SGC’s Communities Committee Cllr Heather Goddard said:

“Changing opening times at the Sort It centres is the first step to making improvements to the sites and reducing the number of non-residents and traders using the facilities. After reviewing the number of visitors to the centres, we found that there were very few people making use of the extended opening hours in the summer. The new opening times reflect the times that most people use the centres and also allows the Little Stoke Sort It Centre to be open seven days a week instead of closing on a Wednesday.”

The Communities Committee agreed to the changes to improve the operation of the sites on 22nd July 2015. The recommended changes followed a public consultation carried out between November 2014 and February 2015.

Photo: Archive image of the Little Stoke Sort It Centre.

More info: Changes to the Sort It centres (SGC)


Recycle your real Christmas tree in South Glos

Posted on Sunday 4th January 2015 at 1:48 pm by SH (Editor)

Christmas trees for sale at the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

If you have a real Christmas tree there are a number of ways you can recycle it now the festivities are over:

  • If you have subscribed to the garden waste service, you can put your real Christmas tree in your green bin for kerbside collection on your collection day. Please cut the tree into manageable pieces and make sure the tree is not wedged into the bin.
  • You can buy a single use garden waste sack for £2 from your nearest South Gloucestershire library or from Country Stores, 48 High Street, Marshfield SN14 8LP. Please attach the sack to the tree and leave out for collection on your normal collection day. (You don’t need to worry about cutting the tree to fit it in the sack, as the council is making special one-off collections after Christmas, taking any trees as long as they have a South Gloucestershire Council garden waste sack attached to them.)
  • You can also recycle your tree at one of South Gloucestershire’s four Sort It centres. Please visit to find your nearest recycling centre.

To check your collection day please visit

Please remember to remove all decorations, pots and stands before recycling your Christmas tree.

Recycled trees will be processed with the rest of South Gloucestershire’s garden waste and turned into fertiliser and mulch.

Source: South Gloucestershire Council


Council to begin collecting unwanted green bins

Posted on Tuesday 25th November 2014 at 10:01 pm by SH (Editor)

A South Gloucestershire Council 'green bin'.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has revealed that it is to start collecting “unwanted” green bins in a rolling programme that begins in December. The move follows the introduction of an opt-in annual charge for its bin-based garden waste collection service from 31st March 2014 and is aimed at households who have chosen not to pay.

An “ad hoc” collection service using paper sacks costing £2 each is provided as an alternative for residents who require only occasional garden waste collection.

Despite introducing the charge in March, the council previously said it would not be collecting unwanted green bins until “after October”, in order to allow residents time to decide if they wished to subscribe to the new chargeable service.

Residents of Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Frenchay, Stoke Park, Winterbourne, Frampton Cotterell, Yate, Dodington, Westerleigh and Chipping Sodbury will be the first to have their unwanted bins collected, in December. Green bins in all other areas will be scheduled for removal early in the New Year.

Details of the green bin removal day will be provided on a leaflet that will be delivered to households one week before the collection. Unwanted bins must be put out by 7am on the day specified in the leaflet and must be empty.

The council warns that it will not collect any bins that contain waste, including garden waste.

Residents who have chosen to use their green bin for another purpose may continue to do so, adds the council.

It is understood that the collected bins will be dismantled and the plastic and metal components recycled.

More information: Collection of unwanted green bins (SGC)