Over 1,500 smokers quit the habit in South Glos

Posted on Friday 20th August 2010 at 12:27 pm by SH (Editor)

New figures published today show that over 1,500 people in South Gloucestershire quit smoking last year with the help of NHS South Gloucestershire’s Stop Smoking Service, saving lives from illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease.

Results, revealed by the NHS Information Centre, show that 1,532 smokers successfully quit their habit through their local NHS Stop Smoking Service in 2009-10, exceeding the forecast mark by over 210 people.

June Martin, Head of Stop Smoking Service at NHS South Gloucestershire, said:

“It’s great to know that we have helped so many people to kick the habit. People are four times more likely to quit if they use the NHS Stop Smoking Service. It’s a free service which offers friendly advice and practical support to anyone who wants to quit.”

The positive figures follow-on from the successful launch of Smokefree South West in 2009, which aims to build on the work carried out by local NHS Stop Smoking Service teams to tackle smoking in the region. 13 of the 14 Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) across the South West exceeded their targets this in 2009/10.

Director of Smokefree South West, Fiona Andrews, said: “These new figures showcase the tremendous work being done by the NHS Stop Smoking Service advisers in South Gloucestershire whose tireless efforts aid people to quit smoking.

“It is also a fantastic tribute to all former smokers who have had the courage to become smoke free.

“The fact that more than 1,500 people have quit smoking in South Gloucestershire in one year is something we should celebrate, and demonstrates that people can have continued confidence to go to their local NHS Stop Smoking safe in the knowledge that they have helped many before them.

“As ever though, the top quality work cannot stop now. Smoking is still the single biggest contributor to health inequalities and premature death and disease in the UK.”

David Phillips a Director of Public Health in the South West, said:

“Combating the harm caused by tobacco and reducing the numbers of smokers is an ongoing priority for the NHS and we’re delighted to again see such positive, encouraging results in South Gloucestershire.

“The figures are a great indicator of the quality of the South Gloucestershire NHS Stop Smoking team who deliver such an outstanding support service right across area. We are sure that that they will continue to keep South Gloucestershire on the path to becoming smoke free.”

If you want to find your local NHS Stop Smoking Service, please ring: 0117 330 2439 or email the team on: NHSStopsmokingservice@sglos-pct.nhs.uk.

Source: NHS South Gloucestershire


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