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Labour accuses Tories and Lib Dems of misrepresenting “service cuts”

Posted on Monday 5th November 2012 at 11:52 pm by SH (Editor)

The Labour Party.

Labour’s leader in South Gloucestershire has accused the district’s Tories and Liberal Democrats of pretending that the council does not face cuts in its services.

This afternoon, councillors on the Policy and Resources Committee were asked to agree the public consultation questionnaire on next year’s budget. This document included a reference to “additional service cuts” if certain options are taken. Conservative councillors objected to the inclusion of the phrase “service cuts” and, supported by the Liberal Democrats, insisted on replacing it with “savings”. Labour made clear its support for the original wording.

Speaking after the meeting, Labour Leader Cllr Andy Perkins (Labour, Woodstock) said:

 “The Tories and Lib Dems refuse to admit what everybody knows – that cuts being made by their political masters in government will result in cuts in services here in South Gloucestershire. It is a con to pretend that reduced budgets will result in efficiencies or savings that are not cuts in services. The council has already been forced to take tough decisions caused by reduced funding, for example on youth centres and Sure Start, that will result in cuts in the service the council can provide.”

Cllr Perkins continued:

 “This afternoon’s committee meeting had already been told that the council faces a 10% cut in its Council Tax support funding, and that the cap of 2% on Council Tax increases announced at the Conservative Party Conference will mean that South Gloucestershire Council must identify a further £600,000 of annual savings. Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors pay lip service to openness and transparency but are afraid to use the clearest word available to describe the future – cuts.”

More info: Proposed questionnaire presented to councillors (see Q10)

Source: South Gloucestershire Labour


Tories challenge Labour councillors to come up with alternative deficit reduction plan

Posted on Sunday 14th November 2010 at 1:11 pm by SH (Editor)

Conservative councillors on South Gloucestershire Council have challenged their Labour opponents to come up with their own plan to protect local services.

The challenge laid down to Labour councillors follows their criticism of Conservative plans to protect frontline services, whilst further reducing local spending on waste, bureaucracy and duplication in line with the Chancellor’s plans to tackle the national debt mountain wracked up by the previous Labour government.

These proposals include streamlining the council by reducing the number of managers by around a third, bringing the number of council departments from five down to three and looking at more efficient ways of providing services in the future.

Earlier this month, Labour councillors formally challenged the Conservative Cabinet’s proposals at a special ‘call-in’ meeting of the council’s Corporate Co-ordination Select Committee. Although Labour voted against the plans, the LibDems gave their in principle agreement to them.


Source: Conservative Group on South Gloucestershire Council


Have your say on Council budget priorities

Posted on Friday 17th September 2010 at 8:26 am by SH (Editor)

South Gloucestershire Council has launched a new online budget consultation forum where residents can post their views on what priorities the council should focus on.

Whether it is investing in our schools, the district’s roads or services for older people, it is important that South Gloucestershire residents are given an opportunity to comment on the spending challenges facing the council.

The council is keen to listen to as many people as possible; tell us what service you think should be the number one priority for the council and, equally, what is not such a priority. What would you change and how can the council provide even better value for money?


Source: South Gloucestershire Council


Liberal Democrats respond to South Gloucestershire Council Cabinet budget proposals

Posted on Wednesday 3rd February 2010 at 1:11 pm by SH (Editor)

Commenting on Conservative Cabinet budget proposals Leader of the Lib Dem group Cllr Ruth Davis said,

“The Lib Dems have already raised concerns that the Conservatives are masking cuts under the name of service reviews. As there are no details of the revised plans you’re asking opposition councillors to allow you to sign blank cheques. If the service reviews were really about making the Council more effective and efficient then they would not be considered as part of the budget process. We remain convinced that your reasons for rushing through these important and essential organisational changes are not about providing better services for the public and but instead are just about meeting national Conservative party demands for cuts in public services.”

She continued, “Rushing through cuts to council’s staffing levels in order to keep in line with Conservative national party politics is not looking after the local public interest. We accept that the Council has to do things in the most efficient way and that might mean a change in the way things are done. However, we are worried that cutting staffing levels too fast will mean disruptions and loss of services to the public. It does not bode well for local decision making when local Conservative politicians blindly follow a national instruction to keep to a certain level of council tax increase instead of working out what is best for the local needs of South Gloucestershire.”